ADSC camera



ADSC stands for Area Detector System Corporation.


The Lima module has been tested only with the 315r model.


2 programs have to be running on the ADSC server:

  • ccd_image_gather

  • det_api_workstation

Initialisation and Capabilities

In order to help people to understand how the camera plugin has been implemented in LImA this section provide some important information about the developer’s choices.

Camera initialisation

Here are the available functions:

  • SetHeaderParameters()

  • UseStoredDarkImage()

  • SetImageKind()

  • SetLastImage()

Std capabilites

This plugin has been implemented in respect of the mandatory capabilites but with some limitations according to some programmer’s choices. We only provide here extra information for a better understanding of the capabilities for the Adsc camera.

  • HwDetInfo

    • Max image size is : 3072 * 3072

    • 16 bit unsigned type is supported

  • HwSync

    • trigger type supported are: IntTrig

Optional capabilites

  • HwBin

    • 1 * 1

    • 2 * 2


No specific hardware configuration is needed.

How to use

here is the list of accessible fonctions to configure and use the ADSC detector:

void    setHeaderParameters(const std::string& header);
void    setStoredImageDark(bool value);
bool    getStoredImageDark(void);
void    setImageKind(int image_kind);
int     getImageKind(void);
void    setLastImage(int last_image);
int     getLastImage(void);

void                setFileName(const std::string& name);
const std::string&  getFileName(void);
void                setImagePath(const std::string& path);
const std::string&  getImagePath(void);