The Region-of-Interest to Spectrum operation is very useful to provide online integration of some areas of your detector. The integration of the pixel values can set along the Y direction or the X direction. You must create first the Rois by providing unique names (addNames command) and then set the Roi position using the index and the x,y, width, height (setRois command). The direction for integration (so-called mode) can be set using te setRoiModes command. Once the configuration is ok you can start the task using Start command and stop the task calling the Stop command. The spectrum data can be retrieved by calling the readImage command, the command returns the spectrums as a stack stored into an image.


This device has no property.


Attribute name RW Type Description
BufferSize rw DevLong Circular buffer size in image, default is 128
CounterStatus ro DevLong Counter related to the current number of proceeded images
RunLevel rw DevLong Run level in the processing chain, from 0 to N
State ro State OFF or ON (stopped or started)
Status ro DevString “OFF” “ON” (stopped or started)


Command name Arg. in Arg. out Description
addNames DevVarStringArray list of Roi names DevVarStringArray list of Roi indexes Set the names and return the corresponding indexes
clearAllRois DevVoid DevVoid Remove the Rois
getNames DevVoid DevVarStringArray Return the list of Roi names
getRoiModes DevVarStringArray DevVarStringArray Return the Roi modes
getRois DevVarStringArray list of Roi names DevVarStringArray list of Roi position (roi_id,x,y,width,heigth,…) Return the Roi positions
Init DevVoid DevVoid Do not use
readImage DevVarLongArray DevVarLongArray  
removeRois roi_id,first image spectrum stack Return the stack of spectrum from the specified image index until the last image acquired
setRois DevArLongArray (roi_id,x,y,w,h,…) DevVoid Set roi positions
Start DevVoid DevVoid Start the operation on image
State DevVoid DevLong Return the device state
Status DevVoid DevString Return the device state as a string
Stop DevVoid DevVoid Stop the operation on image