Xspress3 Tango device

This is the reference documentation of the Xspress3 Tango device.

you can also find some useful information about the camera models/prerequisite/installation/configuration/compilation in the Xspress3 camera plugin section.

test reference to camera plugin section: ADSC camera


Property name Mandatory Default value Description
basIpaddress No none Override the base IP address (e.g. from which all other addresses are calculated or NULL to use the default
basMacAddress No none Override the base MAC address (e.g. from which all other card MAC address`s are calculated or NULL to use the default
basePort No none Override the base IP port number or 0 to use the default
createScopeModule No False true = do not create a scope data module
nbFrames No 1 Number of 4096 energy bin spectra timeframes
scopeModName No NULL The scope data module filename or NULL to use the default
nbCards No 1 The number of xspress3 cards that constitute the xspress3 system, between 1 and XSP3_MAX_CARDS
nbChans No -1 Limit the number of channels
debug No 0 debug message (0 = off, 1=normal, 2=verbose)
noUDP No False True = do not do UDP connection
cardIndex No none Starting card index
directoryName No non The directory name to save and restore configurations


Attribute name RW Type Description
card rw DevLong  
numChan ro DevLong  
numCards ro DevLong  
chansPerCard ro DevLong  
maxNumChan ro DevLong  
binsPerMca ro DevLong  
windows rw DevLong[32]  
runMode rw DevBoolean[4]  
clocks rw Devbooleanp[3]  
goodsThreshold rw DevLong[16]  
dtcEnergy rw DevDouble  
dtcParameters rw DevDouble[48]  
scaling rw DevDouble[8]  
fanTemperatures rw DevDouble[50]  
fanController rw DevDouble[2]  
setPoint wo DevDouble  
roi wo DevLong[25]  
useDtc rw DevBoolean  
setTiming wo DevLong  
adcTempLimit wo DevLong  
setPlayback wo DevBoolean  
playbackfilename wo DevString  
dataSource rw DevLong[8]  


Command name Arg. in Arg. out Description
Init DevVoid DevVoid Do not use
State DevVoid DevLong Return the device state
Status DevVoid DevString Return the device state as a string
getAttrStringValueList DevString: Attribute name DevVarStringArray: String value list Return the authorized string value list for a given attribute name
Reset DevVoid DevVoid  
InitBrams DevLong: channel DevVoid  
Pause DevVoid DevVoid  
Restart DevVoid DevVoid  
Arm DevVoid DevVoid  
Clear DevVoid DevVoid  
SaveSettings DevVoid DevVoid  
RestoreSettings DevBoolean DevVoid Force restore if major revision of saved file does not match the firmware revision
InitRois DevLong: channel DevVoid  
ReadHistogram DevVarLongArray: frame, channel DevVarULongArray: Return the histogram data
ReadScalers DevVarLongArray: frame, channel DevVarULongArray: Return the scaler data
StartScope DevVoid DevVoid  
LoadPlayback DevVarLongArray: src0,src1, [num_streams, digital] DevVoid  
FormatRun DevVarLongArray: chan,[nbits_eng, aux1_mode, adc_bits, min_samples, aux2_mode, pileup_reject DevVoid