PCO Tango device

This is the reference documentation of the PCO Tango device.

You can also find some useful information about the camera models/prerequisite/installation/configuration/compilation in the PCO camera plugin section.


Property name Mandatory Default value Description
debug_control No 0 Enable/Disble the debug (0/1)
debug_module No 0
To set the debug module list (in hex format 0x….)
  • None = 0x001
  • Common = 0x002
  • Hardware = 0x004
  • HardwareSerial = 0x008
  • Control = 0x010
  • Espia = 0x020
  • EspiaSerial = 0x040
  • Focla = 0x080
  • Camera = 0x100
  • CameraCom = 0x200
  • Test = 0x400
  • Application = 0x800
debug_format No 0
To set the debug format (in hex format 0x….)
  • DateTime = 0x001
  • Thread = 0x002
  • Module = 0x004
  • Obj = 0x008
  • Funct = 0x010
  • FileLine = 0x020
  • Type = 0x040
  • Indent = 0x080
  • Color = 0x100
debug_type No 0
To set the debug type (in hex format 0x….)
  • Fatal = 0x001
  • Error = 0x002
  • Warning = 0x004
  • Trace = 0x008
  • Funct = 0x010
  • Param = 0x020
  • Return = 0x040
  • Always = 0x080
params No empty
List of parameters/options (one per line)
  • sn = <camera serial number> ( if it is 0 or doesn’t exist, the first camera found will be opened if the serial number is not found, OpenCam will fail )
  • trigSingleMulti = 1 ( enable TriggerSingleMulti as TriggerMulti for compability with SPEC START )
  • xMinSize = 1 ( enable correction for the X minimum size for the CLHS firmware bug )
  • bitAligment = <MSB | LSB> ( bit aligment of the image data, i.e. for 12b: [MSB - xxxx xxxx xxxx 0000] [LSB - 0000 xxxx xxxx xxxx] )


Attribute name RW Type Description
acqTimeoutRetry rw DevLong Maximum Timeout retries during acq (0 - infinite)
adc rw DevLong Number of working ADC’s
adcMax ro DevLong Maximum number of ADC’s
binInfo ro DevLong PCO hw binning info
bitAlignment rw DevString
Bit alignment
  • MSB (0)
  • LSB (1)
bytesPerPixel ro DevLong Bytes per Pixel
camerasFound ro DevString List of cameras found during the Open search
camInfo ro DevString General camera parameters information
camName ro DevString Camera Name
camNameBase ro DevString Camera Name (Pco)
camNameEx ro DevString Camera Name, Interface, Sensor
camType ro DevString Camera Type
cdiMode rw DevLong
Correlated Double Imaging Mode
  • enabled/disabled = 1/0 (rw)
  • not allowed = -1 (ro)
clXferPar ro DevString General CameraLink parameters
cocRunTime ro DevDouble cocRunTime (s) - only valid after the camera is armed
coolingTemperature ro DevDouble Cooling Temperature
debugInt rw DevString PCO plugin internal debug level (hex format: 0x….)
debugIntTypes r0 DevString PCO plugin internal debug types
doubleImageMode rw DevLong
Double Image Mode
  • enabled/disabled = 1/0 (rw)
  • not allowed = -1 (ro)
firmwareInfo ro DevString Firmware info
frameRate ro DevDouble Framerate, calculated as: 1/cocRunTime (1/s)
info ro DevString General camera parameters information
lastError ro DevString The last PCO error message
lastImgAcquired ro DevLong Last image acquired (during recording)
lastImgRecorded ro DevLong Last image recorded (during recording)
logMsg ro DevString Last Log msgs
logPcoEnabled ro DevLong PCO logs are enabled
maxNbImages ro DevLong The maximum number of images which can be acquired by the camera (recording mode)
pixelRate ro DevLong Actual Pixel Rate (Hz)
pixelRateInfo ro DevString Pixel Rate information
pixelRateValidValues ro DevString Allowed Pixel Rates
recorderForcedFifo rw DevLong Forced Fifo Mode (only for recording cams)
roiInfo ro DevString PCO ROI info
roiLastFixed ro DevString Last fixed ROI info
rollingShutter rw DevLong
Rolling Shutter Mode (only for some types of EDGE)
  • 1 = ROLLING
  • 2 = GLOBAL
rollingShutterInfo ro DevString Rolling Shutter info
temperatureInfo ro DevString Temperature info
timestampMode rw DevLong
Timestamp mode
  • 0 = none
  • 1 = BCD coded stamp in the first 14 pixel
  • 2 = BCD coded stamp in the first 14 pixel + ASCII text
  • 3 = ASCII text (only for some cameras)
traceAcq ro DevString Debug information for some types of acq
version ro DevString Version information of the plugin
versionAtt ro DevString Version of att file
versionSdk ro DevString PCO SDK Release


Command name Arg. in Arg. out Description
Init DevVoid DevVoid Do NOT use
State DevVoid DevLong Return the device state
Status DevVoid DevString Return the device state as a string
getAttrStringValueList DevString: Attribute name DevVarStringArray: String value list Return the authorized string value list for a given attribute name
talk DevString DevString WARNING: use this command for test only, This is a backdoor cmd and it can distrub Lima