Mythen3 Tango device

This is the reference documentation of the Mythen3 Tango device.

you can also find some useful information about the camera models/prerequisite/installation/configuration/compilation in the Xspress3 camera plugin section.


Property name Mandatory Default value Description
HostName Yes   The Mythen detector socket server IP address
TcpPort No 1031 The tcp communication port.
Simulate No 0 Command simulation mode.


Attribute name RW Type Description
acqRunning ro DevBoolean Is acquisition active
assemblyDate ro DevString Assembly date of the Mythen system
badChannelInterpolation rw DevString Enable/Disable Bad Channel Interpolation Mode (ON/OFF)
badChannels ro DevLong[1280*Nb] Display state of each channel for each active module [Nb = nbModules]
commandID ro DevLong Command identifier (increases by 1)
continuousTrigger rw DevString Enable/Disable continuous trigger mode (ON/OFF)
cutoff ro DevLong Count value before flatfield correction
delayBeforeFrame rw DevLong64 Time delay between trigger & start (100ns increments)
energy rw DevFloat[Nb] X-ray Energy (4.09 < e keV < 40) [Nb = nbModules]
energyMax ro DevFloat Maximum X-ray Energy keV
energyMin ro DevFloat Minimum X-ray Energy keV
flatField ro DevLong[1280*Nb] Flat field correction values
flatFieldCorrection rw DevString Enable/Disable Flat Field Correction Mode (ON/OFF)
gateMode rw DevString Enable/Disable gate mode (ON/OFF)
gates rw DevLong Number of gates per frame
hwStatus ro DevString The hardware status
inputSignalPolarity rw DevString Input Signal Polarity (RISING_EDGE/FALLING_EDGE)
kthresh ro DevFloat[Nb] Threshold Energy (4.0 < e keV < 20) [Nb = nbModules]
kthreshEnergy w DevFloat[2] Threshold & Energy keV
kthreshMax ro DevFloat Maximum Threshold Energy keV
kthreshMin ro DevFloat Minimum Threshold Energy keV
maxNbModules ro DevLong Maximum nos. of Mythen modules
module rw DevLong Number of selected module (-1 = all)
nbits rw DevString Number of bits to readout (BPP24/BPP16/BPP8/BPP4)
nbModules rw DevLong Number of modules in the system
outputSignalPolarity rw DevString Output Signal Polarity (RISING_EDGE/FALLING_EDGE)
predefinedSettings w DevString Load predefined energy/kthresh settings (Cu/Ag/Mo/Cr)
rateCorrection rw DevString Enable/Disable rate correction mode (ON/OFF)
sensorMaterial ro DevLong The sensor material (0=silicon)
sensorThickness ro DevLong The sensor thickness um
serialNumbers ro DevLong[Nb] Serial nos. of Mythen modules [Nb = nbModules]
systemNum ro DevLong The serial number of the Mythen
tau rw DevFloat[Nb] Dead time constants for rate correction [Nb = nbModules]
testPattern ro DevLong[1280*Nb] Read back a test pattern
triggered rw DevString Enable/Disable triggered mode (ON/OFF)
useRawReadout rw DevString Raw readout packed Mode (ON/OFF)
version ro DevString The software version of the socket server


Command name Arg. in Arg. out Description
Init DevVoid DevVoid Do not use
State DevVoid DevLong Return the device state
Status DevVoid DevString Return the device state as a string
LogStart DevVoid DevVoid Start logging server activity (use sparingly)
LogStop DevVoid DevVoid Stop logging server activity
LogRead DevVoid DevVoid Print logging file to terminal
ReadFrame DevLong DevVarULongArray [in] frame number [out] a frame of mythen data
ReadData DevVoid DevVarULongArray [out] all frames of mythen data
ResetMythen DevVoid DevVoid Reset