Dexela Tango device

This is the reference documentation of the Dexela Tango device.

you can also find some useful information about the camera models/prerequisite/installation/configuration/compilation in the Dexela camera plugin section.


Property name Mandatory Default value Description
database_path Yes DexelaConfig.cfg The database path file, e.g C:DexelaConfig.cfg
sensor_format Yes sensor2923 The detector model


Attribute name RW Type Description
full_well_mode ro DevString The well-mode, can be set to HIGH or LOW


Command name Arg. in Arg. out Description
Init DevVoid DevVoid Do not use
State DevVoid DevLong Return the device state
Status DevVoid DevString Return the device state as a string
getAttrStringValueList DevString: Attribute name DevVarStringArray: String value list Return the authorized string value list for a given attribute name