Get the Source

As Lima is not packaged yet, the only way for now is to retrieve the source from Github. You may either get the source tarball from the releases or use Git.

Recent version of Git are provided by Conda, so if you already have Conda, you may want to install it in your base environment:

conda install git

Else, for both Linux and Windows, we recommend to use the git tools:

  • For Linux, install Git package if your linux distribution did not.

  • For Windows, get and install Git first from the download section. Then use the git-bash tool with linux-like commands.

All cameras

Here is the command to get the sources for all cameras:

git clone --recursive git://

For a specific camera

Here are the commands for a minimum checkout to get all source needed for a specific camera:

git clone git://
cd Lima
git submodule init third-party/Processlib third-party/Sps third-party/libconfig
git submodule init camera/CAMERA_YOU_WANT_TO_COMPILE
git submodule update

In addition (but optional) you can get the TANGO python device servers, so update your git clone again:

git submodule init applications/tango/python
git submodule update

For a Specific Version

Stable versions of lima are tracked via Git branches and Git tags. So you can retrieve any particular version using git tools. Please refer to the release notes document release notes , for more information of the latest release and tags.

For instance if you want to get version 1.8.0 of Lima core, do:

git checkout v1.8.0
git submodule init
git submodule update